The FP2020 Reference Group provides overall strategic direction for the partnership. With members representing a broad cross-section of FP2020 partners, the Reference Group serves as an advocacy and accountability mechanism to ensure that we reach our goal of delivering rights-based family planning to 120 million additional women and girls.

One of the greatest strengths of the Reference Group is its diversity. The composition of the group has evolved and expanded over the course of the initiative to ensure that a variety of viewpoints are represented. Last year a new youth seat was created; this year the total number of seats was increased from 18 to 23 to strengthen representation from the Global South and include leaders from the faith and feminist communities.

The current membership now includes seven Ministers of Health from FP2020 countries—Burkina Faso, DR Congo, India, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Uganda—who provide important regional perspectives. Young people, faith groups, and women’s organizations are represented, along with the research community and family planning service providers. This breadth of vision enables the Reference Group to maintain a global perspective on the FP2020 movement while also registering and responding to the specific needs of countries and constituencies.

The structure of the Reference Group also facilitates partnerships across the global health architecture. With the World Bank, the World Health Organization, UNFPA, and the largest family planning donors and foundations all represented, the opportunities for effective cross-institutional collaboration and alignment are enhanced.

As global advocates for family planning, the Reference Group works to ensure that family planning remains a high priority on the global agenda and that FP2020 is integrated into the broader development architecture. Within their own countries and institutions, Reference Group members are a powerful force for meaningful change and an expansion of rights-based programming.


The FP2020 Reference Group amplifies our commitment to enable women and girls to control their own future. It gathers together some of the most determined people fighting to realize the vision set forth by the FP2020 partnership. We draw inspiration and guidance, and hold each other accountable to ensure women and girls everywhere are able to access rights-based family planning they want and need.

International Planned Parenthood Federation,
FP2020 Reference Group
London, UK