FP2020: The Way Ahead reflects the contributions of individuals and organizations across the entire FP2020 partnership. This work would not be possible without the continued support and leadership of our core conveners: the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Department for International Development, the United Nations Population Fund, and the United States Agency for International Development. We also wish to thank our host institution, the United Nations Foundation, for providing a supportive and hospitable home base.

As ever, we are indebted to Emily Sonneveldt and the entire Track20 team for their essential analysis and insight. The expert guidance of the members of the Performance Monitoring & Evidence Working Group is critical to FP2020 measurement efforts, and we thank them for their generous assistance in shaping this report. The Kaiser Family Foundation, Countdown 2030 Europe, and John Stover of Avenir Health also contributed invaluable data and analysis.

Karen Hardee of Population Council, Kaja Jurczynska of Palladium, Jan Kumar, Lynn Bakamjian, and Karen Newman have been instrumental in articulating the rights-based approach to family planning, and this report reflects their work. We also wish to thank Christine Lasway and colleagues at Palladium for their assistance in depicting the new Performance Monitoring Tool.

We are immensely grateful to the individuals who graciously provided the stories and quotes that bring this report to life: Dr. Zelaikha Anwari of Afghanistan, Karen Hardee, Dr. Junice Melgar of Likhaan, Dr. Joseph L. Kerkula of Liberia, Virgile Kikaya of Jhpiego, Hellen Sidha of the Reproductive and Maternal Health Services Unit (RMHSU)/Track20 in Kenya, Joan Amanda Banura of the Uganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning & Adolescent Health, Minister Alexander de Croo of Belgium, and Tewodros Melesse of IPPF.

The more than 150 FP2020 country focal points are the frontline leaders of the FP2020 movement, and we thank them for their vision and tireless dedication. We also thank the many civil society organizations and partners who are doing so much to ensure that family planning is truly available for all.

FP2020: The Way Ahead was written by Suzanne Scoggins and Jason Bremner, with individual sections authored by Michelle Weinberger, Jessica Williamson, and Priya Emmart of Track20, John Stover of Avenir Health, and Sesi Aliu. Rati Bishnoi and Sesi Aliu supervised the design of graphics and managed the process of writing, editing, illustrating, and producing the report. Emma Anderson, Guillaume Debar, Alison Gatto, Chonghee Hwang, Sandra Jordan, Sarah Meyerhoff, Laura Raney, Eva Ros, Jessica Schwartzman, Sarah Shannon, Martyn Smith, Holley Stewart, Emily Sullivan, Tom Van Boven, Elise Walter, and Varina Winder provided essential research, analysis, fact-checking, brainstorming, and support. Beth Schlachter and Tamar Abrams oversaw the creation of the report.

Many thanks to Vanessa Saba for graphic design and art direction, to Accurat for data visualization and infographics, to Assyst for digital design and development, to Dual Graphics for printing, and to Doug Gould of DG+CO, Cathy Bartley of Bartley Robbs Communications, and Global Health Strategies for media support.


Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) is a global partnership that supports the rights of women and girls to decide—freely and for themselves—whether, when, and how many children they want to have. FP2020 works with governments, civil society, multilateral organizations, donors, the private sector, and the research and development community to enable 120 million additional women and girls to use contraceptives by 2020.

FP2020 is an outcome of the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning and is based on the principle that all women, no matter where they live, should have access to lifesaving contraceptives. Achieving the FP2020 goal is a critical milestone to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services by 2030, as laid out in Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5. FP2020 is in support of the Every Woman Every Child Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health.


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